Science Lab–A Fun Place for Learning!

The science lab at Trinity is a wonderful place of learning and exploration. The lab is overseen by the Head of the Science Department and set up for classroom teachers to bring their classes in for science extension activities and experiments. To aide with this, we have a science lab assistant to help with the purchasing, setting up, and cleaning up of equipment in the lab. The aide also has a monthly scheduled time with each class in grades 1-3 where she assists the teacher in the lab. This monthly schedule is posted outside the science lab door. Our 4th grade and 5th grade science programs are departmentalized, meaning that one teacher is over science for the entire grade level. The lab is often reserved for the entire day for those teachers as they do follow-up labs for three rotations during the day. We are extremely excited about the experiences being provided in the science lab. Please enjoy the pictures from the lab.   For on-going science lab pictures, please follow Twitter @tbs80 as well as @trinitywildcats.

Note:  We also have raised bed vegetable gardens that are overseen by faculty and harvested by our lower school students. If at all possible, the harvest is used by our dining service and served at lunch! Another unique hands on learning experience for our students.







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